Let’s take an hour

Most folks have no idea what a "small business consultant" is. Sounds rather grand and maybe a little intimidating to some. So, to give prospective clients peace of mind and to have a chance to chat, I have always offered a free hour to feel each other out and help me understand what challenges you are facing.

If you are in the Annapolis Valley, then an hour face to face can certainly go along way. However, a great many of my clients are located all over Canada. With all of the technology at my disposal, I can be as effective whether you are around the corner or on the opposite coast. If you are not in the immediate vicinity, an hour on the phone can help us both determine if there is a fit.

Please feel free to connect.  The hour is on me! (and no... I don't hang up if we hit 62 minutes and 4 seconds 🙂 )

p: 902-249-0149
e: greg@bigpic.ca

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